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Home Heating Oil

Our experience and dependability have given us the reputation of being one the most reliable and efficient heating oil distributors in the area. We stake that reputation on every gallon of oil we deliver.  Anyone with an oil truck can deliver fuel when the weather cooperates.  It's only when temperatures turn frigid and there's a big winter storm brewing that you find out how reliable your oil company truly is.  From our office staff to our skilled drivers, our employees are trained to give quality service - no matter what. Thanks to our resources and the professionalism of our delivery team, Stephenson Oil Company can and will supply you with the fuel you need to keep your family warm. 


Today's Home Heating Oil Price
(as of April 12, 2018)

#2 Oil  $2.65 per gallon
K-1 Kerosene  $3.65 per gallon

Plus all applicable taxes

MINIMUM DELIVERY = 150 gallons
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