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We offer a variety of payment plans as well as different forms of pricing. We've listed them here with an explanation so you may better understand the options available to you.

S    Regular Account

S    Prompt Payment "Cash" Discount

S Automatic Delivery Discount

S    Equal Payment Program

S    C.O.D.

Credit Cards


For your convenience, we now accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. You must bring your credit card into our office or simply call with your credit card account number for us to process the payment.




Our drivers are not able to process credit card payments at the time of delivery.

No Prompt Payment “Cash” Discount will apply to purchases made with a credit card.


Regular Account

On all regular accounts, payment must be made within thirty (30) days of delivery.



We will not schedule another delivery until your account has been paid.


Past due accounts will be subject to finance charges.


* Finance charges will accrue at a rate of one and a half percent (1.5%) per month or eighteen percent (18%) annually.  *

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Prompt Payment “Cash” Discount

In order to receive a THREE (3) CENT PER GALLON DISCOUNT on your fuel, cash/check payment must be received within five (5) days of your delivery date. The date your prompt payment is due and the discount amount are shown on your delivery ticket and must be subtracted from the “Invoice Total.”


You must have a zero balance prior to your delivery.

This discount does not apply to the Equal Payment Plan or to credit card purchases – but can be used in combination with the Automatic Delivery Discount.

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Automatic Delivery Discount

Automatic Delivery customers instantly qualify to receive a THREE (3) CENT PER GALLON DISCOUNT on fuel.


If you call for a delivery prior to your scheduled fill and do not take a minimum of 150 gallons – no discount will be given.

* If you combine the Prompt Payment “Cash” Discount with the Automatic Delivery Discount, you will receive the best price Stephenson Oil offers. *

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Equal Payment Program

Our Equal Payment Program calculates your yearly fuel consumption in dollars and divides it into equal payments over 10 months so you don’t have a big expense all at once. Customers on this program will have the added advantage of Automatic Delivery (THREE (3) CENT PER GALLON DISCOUNT). The program begins in August of each year. Any balance at the end of the season will be due and payable by July 1st. A credit balance may be applied to next year.


Payments must be made monthly.

Accounts not kept current will be changed to a Regular Account and subject to finance charges.

* This plan is not designed to purchase a tank of oil and pay for it with monthly payments. *

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If you are a C.O.D. customer, payment is due prior to or at the time of delivery.


If a C.O.D. customer calls for fuel and is not home to pay at the time of delivery, we will not make that delivery and will not reschedule the delivery until payment is made at our office – the customer may also be subject to a service fee.

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