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Stephenson Oil Company is proud to be an authorized Chevron lubricant marketer.

Featuring Chevron Delo 400 LE - The best 15W-40 on the market!

Chevron Delo 400 LEChevron Delo 400 LE


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Premium Fuel
Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel contains 15 parts per million sulfur. Clear fuel is for on-road use and has road tax applied. Dyed fuel is used for off-road purposes and heating oil - and has no excise tax applied. Both are available at our bulk plant dispensers or forBulk Plant delivery.

We offer clear K-1 Kerosene at our bulk plant dispensers or for delivery.

Regular Unleaded and 87 Octane with Ethanol is in stock and available for delivery only.


Stephenson Oil Company offers the complete line of Chevron lubricants.

Chevron Lubricants
GreasesChevron Lubricants
Hydraulic Oil
Gear Oil
Heavy Duty Motor Oil
Passenger Car Motor Oil


Available in bulk, drums, packages, and cases.

We also offer Marathon Passenger Car Motor Oil.

Call for more Brands!

Home heating oil tanks available with the ability to get commercial tanks.

Call us to discuss your tank needs!